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4th-Oct-2020 04:33 pm - WELCOME
Welcome to my journal, visitors :)
Here I post all about Art and Tatsuya Ueda.
I hope you enjoy my post.

Leave me your comment so I know you are here and enjoy my journal ^-^

please DO NOT RE-POST MY ART WORK to other place, I will be appreciated if you give my Journal link instead of reposting :)
You may save it for your self though ^--^

for the video or Mp3 or Scan pics,
I didn't mind at all about re-posting video or Mp3 or the scan pictures. but please share your own link out side, not mine.
Because I upload it with all my strength.
And don't forget to give the credit to the first up-loader *I gave my credit to them :)

for now I just posting through FB fanpage and twitter.
KAT-TUN Funny Expression page
Tatsuya と Junnosuke page
tatsuya_bocchan artwork page


Douzo, enjoy tanoshinde

I'm on HIATUS on LJ *sigh*
24th-Oct-2013 07:39 am - happy birthday!!!
Wish you all the best thing in live.
Let's have fun in fandom XD
5th-Jul-2012 03:25 pm - my IQ test
IQ Test
5th-Jul-2012 01:42 pm - ♥the sparkling UT ♥
It's been a long time since the last time I post on my LJ :D
I wonder if you missed my post or not. ahaha...
well, iro iro have been happen in my real awful life, but once again,
I back to KAT-TUN and they just make me feel happy ^-^

as regard to the new Solio CM that launched today...
well, i made an animated GIF in between my busy time, hehehe..
i just bounced in happiness when i watch it. 
i love the UT moment here, they are too sparkling to me hahaha..

just in case that I love this pairing soooooo much,
I want to say to you who visit my LJ, that this is all is only a fangirling mind.
KAT-TUN is trully men that love girls very much ^o^/

credit video to SOLIO :D
and well, anyone who post the record of the CM,
actually i download many download version of this CM LOL...

so this is my UT animated GIF made ^o^/



and at magz  POTATO 2012 08

picsCollapse )
24th-Oct-2011 08:44 am - Funny Uepi

source: http://twitpic.com/74o950 (thank you for the gif)

just agree with Fiona said~
Tatsuya is really the touch of cute and funny in this drama XD ♥

24th-Oct-2011 02:05 am - Youkai Ningen Bemu#01
watch online at


before watch the full episode you better download the veoh application :)
Ultimate wheels Ueda

White Ueda

MarchingJ Ueda

crdeit: sleepyueda
23rd-Oct-2011 06:12 am - OUSAMA NO BRANCH 20111022
hello minna san, it's me again :)

i spend my night time to re-upload this XD
well because they are soooo gorgeous  hehe....

here is the file:

source: rabbitorwolf.blog

王様のブランチ 20111022

Credit to harever

enjoy tanoshinde ^o^

Hi everyone, I re-share the file. it is the feature preview of Ueda Tatsuya newest dorama.

source: rabbitorwolf.blog

「RUNAWAY~ Aisuru no tame ni」  Navi

Credit to harever

enjoy :)

NB: thank you to Fiona who gave me the file through facebook :)
22nd-Aug-2011 08:43 am - I miss you all junda fans XD
long time no seeeeeeeee!!!!
sassiburi minna san XD
well since i have been soooo real busy.... but yeah I'm still fangirling by my self everyday
and my love to KAT-TUN, expecially Tatchan still grow up day by day. lol... it can't be help ne?
*as I know most of you too hehe*

anyway, this is JunDa art for you guys.
recently i learn how to draw manga.
well since the order in mmy work goes to anime style too.
they don't want chibi T__T
they rejected my chibi!!! *cry out*

lol.... here it is. don't judge me how it looks. i've tried XD
and failed much with shading and coloring. lol. so only black and white here.
wanna help me? :P
comment are love. ^o^

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